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Less is more - CTO Summit 2017

Yesterday I was at the the first CTO Summit, talking about simplicity in software and infrastructure development.

The speaker lineup was excellent, and I had the pleasure of presenting alongside people from Cabify, Slack, Carto, Typeform, Ontruck, and many others cool companies and start-ups.

The presentation itself was a lighthearted attempt to discuss a few common causes of complexity. It contains a few tips to simplify certain aspects of software and infrastructure development. It's targeted at early-stage SaaS/e-commerce startups.

The PDF version is also available.

ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor: Modern Python idioms

I've recently put online a simple HTTP/2 validation service based on asyncio and aiohttp.web

It uses ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor in a couple of places to mix synchronous and asynchronous code. These are two powerful and high-level concurrency constructs which are useful in many projects based on asyncio.

ThreadPoolExecutor …

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Tsuru at Barcelona Docker Meetup

Docker Barcelona Logo

Yesterday I gave another Tsuru talk at the local Docker Meetup chapter in Barcelona. It was a re-run of a similar talk I gave in Madrid a few months ago. This time, given the audience, I focused more on Docker itself and its interactions with the Tsuru architectural components.

As …

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Video and slides of the HTTP/2 talk at Codemotion 2015

The talk's video was uploaded a few days ago by the conference staff. It's in Spanish and it's probably one of the few HTTP/2 video resources in this language available at the time of writing.

You can also find the slides (in English) here: The HTTP/2 protocol: kill …

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Getting to know HTTP/2.0 with the mosaic demo

In preparation for a talk I'll give at Codemotion Spain 2015, I've put up a small HTTP/2.0 mosaic demo (source code on github) that showcases the latency and page load improvements offered by the new version of the HTTP protocol.

h2mosaic animationAnimated GIF showing the HTTP/2.0 mosaic …

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HTTP/2 talk at Codemotion 2015

Codemotion 2015

I'm pleased to announce that I will be giving a talk on HTTP/2 at Codemotion Spain 2015. The event is scheduled for the 21-22 of November.

Codemotion Spain is the largest software engineering event held in the country, gathering thousands of software developers every year.

I'm convinced that HTTP …

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Tsuru and microservices talk at Madrid-Devops Meetup

Tsuru.io website screenshot

Full house at Tuenti's offices for the talk I'll be giving about QDQ media's experience with Tsuru and microservices.

Here's the extract from the Meetup description (it will be held in Spanish):

Tsuru es un PaaS (Platform as a Service) basado en Docker que reduce los tiempos de provisión de …

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Testing NGINX HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator showing HTTP/2 is active on this site

NGINX Inc. just made available a patch which adds preliminary, alpha-level support for HTTP/2 to their popular HTTP server. This is a significant event for the HTTP/2 adoption process considering the popularity of NGINX.

NGINX Inc. announced their plans back in February:

We’re pleased to announce that …

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High performance browser networking review

I recently listened to a podcast episode about the newly standardized HTTP/2 protocol and I was really impressed by the clarity of Ilya Grigorik's exposition.

Ilya happens to be one of the people working on HTTP/2, which will be a huge step forward in terms of latency reduction …

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Rant: On mobile first

"Mobile-first" is one of the most abused buzzwords of the last few years, second only to "Agile software development". Most people seem to get these concepts wrong yet they keep advertising and talking about them.

My take on mobile-first is basically the following: Mobile-first doesn't mean that you take into …

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