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ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor: Modern Python idioms

I've recently put online a simple HTTP/2 validation service based on asyncio and aiohttp.web

It uses ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor in a couple of places to mix synchronous and asynchronous code. These are two powerful and high-level concurrency constructs which are useful in many projects based on asyncio.

ThreadPoolExecutor …

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Getting to know HTTP/2.0 with the mosaic demo

In preparation for a talk I'll give at Codemotion Spain 2015, I've put up a small HTTP/2.0 mosaic demo (source code on github) that showcases the latency and page load improvements offered by the new version of the HTTP protocol.

h2mosaic animationAnimated GIF showing the HTTP/2.0 mosaic …

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Testing NGINX HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator showing HTTP/2 is active on this site

NGINX Inc. just made available a patch which adds preliminary, alpha-level support for HTTP/2 to their popular HTTP server. This is a significant event for the HTTP/2 adoption process considering the popularity of NGINX.

NGINX Inc. announced their plans back in February:

We’re pleased to announce that …

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Rant: On mobile first

"Mobile-first" is one of the most abused buzzwords of the last few years, second only to "Agile software development". Most people seem to get these concepts wrong yet they keep advertising and talking about them.

My take on mobile-first is basically the following: Mobile-first doesn't mean that you take into …

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Announcing a new project: tsuru-rabbitmqapi

I'm pleased to announce that my company just contributed a RabbitMQ service api to the Tsuru PaaS platform. This service API allows developers using Tsuru to create RabbitMQ virtualhosts and connect them to their application via environment variables. The service API uses the management API to talk to RabbitMQ.

It …

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Hello Tsuru PaaS

Tsuru is an open source PaaS (platform-as-a-service) built on top of Docker which has been around for quite some time and can be freely installed on your own existing infrastructure.

The open source PaaS space is flourishing, with solutions like Deis and Flynn receiving attention and news coverage. Deis alone …

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Zato, a Pythonic ESB (Enterprise service bus)

Enterprise service bus (ESB for short), is an enterprise integration pattern you can use to interconnect and organize your services in any non-trivially sized environment. It can be particularly helpful when dealing with legacy systems with limited possibilities to develop new APIs and services.

Zato developers have done a very …

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