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HTTP/2 talk at Codemotion 2015

Codemotion 2015

I'm pleased to announce that I will be giving a talk on HTTP/2 at Codemotion Spain 2015. The event is scheduled for the 21-22 of November.

Codemotion Spain is the largest software engineering event held in the country, gathering thousands of software developers every year.

I'm convinced that HTTP/2 has to be a big deal, yet the industry it's taking its time to embrace this new revision of the protocol. My talk will try to explain why we should do it now, and what we will gain from it.

At QDQ media, we've just started exploring HTTP/2 usage in production. There is no better moment for us to talk about this experience!

Here's an extract from the agenda:

The HTTP/2 protocol: kill that latency!

HTTP/2 is the newly standardized successor of the HTTP 1.1 protocol. Given the market share of browsers already supporting it (or planning to do so), it will probably take the internet by storm by the end of 2015. You should prepare for it!

This talk will explain why HTTP/2 was built in the first place, and its differences and advantages over previous versions of the protocol. It will also describe the current server-side and client-side support along with suggestions as to how to implement it in your own infrastructure.

See you there!

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