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Announcing a new project: tsuru-rabbitmqapi

I'm pleased to announce that my company just contributed a RabbitMQ service api to the Tsuru PaaS platform. This service API allows developers using Tsuru to create RabbitMQ virtualhosts and connect them to their application via environment variables. The service API uses the management API to talk to RabbitMQ.

It is easy to create service APIs with Tsuru. Basically all you need to do is implement a few HTTP endpoints which the Tsuru will contact when you create a new service instance or connect an instance to your application.

The project lives within the Tsuru organization on Github.


Hello Tsuru PaaS

Tsuru is an open source PaaS (platform-as-a-service) built on top of Docker which has been around for quite some time and can be freely installed on your own existing infrastructure.

The open source PaaS space is flourishing, with solutions like Deis and Flynn receiving attention and news coverage. Deis alone …

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Zato, a Pythonic ESB (Enterprise service bus)

Enterprise service bus (ESB for short), is an enterprise integration pattern you can use to interconnect and organize your services in any non-trivially sized environment. It can be particularly helpful when dealing with legacy systems with limited possibilities to develop new APIs and services.

Zato developers have done a very …

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High Performance Python review

I had been meaning to read this book for a while now. It is a nice collections of strategies to deal efficiently with CPU, memory and I/O related problems which you might encounter while writing Python applications. The amount of topics covered is good but not hyper-extensive, which on …

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