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Tsuru at Barcelona Docker Meetup

Docker Barcelona Logo

Yesterday I gave another Tsuru talk at the local Docker Meetup chapter in Barcelona. It was a re-run of a similar talk I gave in Madrid a few months ago. This time, given the audience, I focused more on Docker itself and its interactions with the Tsuru architectural components.

As always with Tsuru, there were lots of questions, many of which were related to how to combine Tsuru with other orchestration and cluster management solutions.

These are the slides of the event: From 0 to 40 microservices in six months with Tsuru

The goal of these talks is simple: My company (QDQ media) has made a strategic investment in Tsuru and we'd love to see it become a mainstream technology. While Tsuru has quite a following in LATAM, where it has its roots, Europe still lags behind in terms of adoption. Let's fix this!

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